About Us

A Solutions Company

When asked by potential customers what we do, our reply is “what you want us to do”. If it’s produced from steel, we want to provide it. If we cannot provide it, we want to send you to the place that can get it for you.

The business started out of a small warehouse, with one saw, one truck, and two people. Our goal was to build a business where customers came to us because we took their sourcing problems and solved them. Very rarely will we have a customer hang up the phone with Engineered Steel without an answer – “we have it, we can get it, or here’s the place to get it.” It is how we want to be treated when we call a vendor.

It is not our goal to be everything to everybody, but it is our goal to have past, current, and future customers understand we want to help everybody. Getting an order pays bills, but helping for the sake of helping creates business for the future. It has been over 25 years and helping people has not gone out of style.

“And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.”

Luke 6:31

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