Structural Steel – Commercial

From receiving customer drawings, providing shop drawings for approval, to walking with a steel inspector for final sign-off, Engineered Steel is qualified to see your commercial project through to completion. We have built our customer base by partnering with small to mid-size contractors. By providing competitive pricing, we understand that our success is founded on long-term profitability and not short-term wins. It is why you will see the same level of enthusiasm and interest from us on every job.

Structural Steel – Residential

Initially, our business started by serving the residential sector because it was easily identifiable, and then, because it provided a lot of growth potential. From that, we discovered it was extremely difficult to make money and the only way to do that was through a lot of volume. Sounded like a good plan, but it distracted us from properly servicing our broader customer base. With that realization, we pivoted away from the track builders and focused on those builders who were trying to differentiate their product with home buyers. It allowed us to focus on customer relationships and how we could provide a service, versus being a penny cheaper on every community we bid.

Today, the residential builders are a strong part of our mix and we are privileged to serve a large number of home builders. In the good markets and bad, we are always striving to be better for our customers.

Miscellaneous: Stairs and Railings

Miscellaneous may not sound that important to the average person, kind of an afterthought. Not at Engineered Steel! Miscellaneous steel work is the perfect intersection of workmanship, quality, competitive pricing, and vision. In the simplest way – We Love It. We have had jobs where the miscellaneous portion of the work is below 10% of the total, but without fail, it is what garners 90% of the positive comments. Whether it’s a rail for safety’s sake, or a rail to accent the interior of a beautiful home, we have done them.

If you can think of it in your head, there is a pretty good chance we can fabricate it. From spiral staircases on a downtown deck to interior tracks and hardware for a sliding barn door with an industrial look, we can help you bring your vision to life.

“Miscellaneous” just does not do it justice.


Rebar was a core product when the business opened, but is less of an emphasis today. With that said, we are always interested in fabricated bar, 90’s, equal leg U’s, and cut to length rebar. There are too many suppliers to mention in the market who want to sell truckloads of rebar. We want to offer smaller volumes, with added value.  Regardless of where the fit might or might not be for rebar – Call us! If we cannot help you competitively, we will send you in the right direction.


Angle iron, steel angle, brick lintels–no matter what you call it – we have it!

From the standard 3-½ x 3-½ x ¼  up to 8 x 4 x ½ in rolled angle sizes, and 16” x 4” x ⅜ bent plate angle, we’ve sold it. Plain, painted, galvanized, or wrapped in a bow, we will have it on the floor or fabricate it to order. If you need them drilled or slotted, you can check that off your list of “have to do’s”. We have a lot of lintels and we sell a lot of lintels.  Please call us with your next requirement.

Additional Services

  • Plasma Cutting
  • Water Jet
  • Laser Cutting
  • Bending and Punching
  • Galvanizing
  • Etc.

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“Whether it is a small order or a large order, we get the same amount of attention and service from Engineered Steel. They appreciate the business and it shows!”

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